Flooring Maintenance Services

Extend the Life of your Flooring Investment.

Want to get the most life out of your flooring investment? The key is regular maintenance by well-trained professionals, knowledgeable in the best techniques and products for your floors.

Allegheny’s maintenance services will keep your floors looking good, and help extend the life of your flooring. Clean floors also make for healthier buildings and happier, healthier employees. Research shows that flooring has the single largest impact on indoor air quality.

Allegheny’s maintenance programs are customized to your facility’s flooring type, flooring traffic patterns, business profile and budget. We use state-of-the-art techniques to be sure your flooring warranties aren’t inadvertently voided through inappropriate methods. Have your own janitorial staff? We will train them to do it right, and be available when there are issues beyond their capacity to handle.

Our Approach

Flooring is a major investment, and it is actually dirty well before it looks soiled or unclean. Our approach is unique in that our technicians will service your building more often, but for less time, each time. This method allows us to clean smaller areas and treat trouble spots and spills before they become overwhelming — helping to keep your flooring looking like new for a longer period of time!

From purchase to reclamation, Allegheny will:

  • Make sure your flooring always looks fresher and cleaner.
  • Extend your flooring’s life-cycle, saving you money.
  • Ensure a healthy, clean environment for employees, clients and customers.
  • Reduce the impact of maintenance products on the environment — only green cleaning products and practices are used!

Allegheny’s 4-Step Maintenance Program

The four components of our program are:

  1. Preventative Maintenance: Walk-off and protective matting keeps transitional areas clear of sand and grit.
  2. Daily vacuuming: High-powered beater bar-equipped vacuums, used by your custodial staff. We will show them how.
  3. Interim Maintenance: Allegheny employs the latest in cleaning technologies -- the “LOMAC” or Low Moisture, Agitation & Crystallization system. LOMAC is the latest innovation in “dry” cleaning, eliminating the downsides associated with powder dry methods.
  4. Deep Extraction Cleaning: Performed annually — using pure water to remove deeply embedded dirt. In extreme cases of previous flooring neglect, deep extraction is preceded by application of a non-hazardous soil release agent using a rotary scrubber. This process is called Restorative Cleaning.

Maintenance Customized for You

Let Allegheny develop a comprehensive, customized program for one of your company’s most abused assets — your flooring. We use a combination of approved cleaning methods because there is no one technique that is ideal for all circumstances. For example, we perform a thorough hot water extraction cleaning annually, while our green, sustainable and cost-effective encapsulation cleaning system is employed more often.

Your customized maintenance plan includes:

  • Expert flooring cleaning in high-traffic areas, with focus on trouble spots designated by your staff at the beginning of each service appointment.
  • Jobs calendar summarizing services to be provided at each session.
  • Color-coded floor plan of your facility, identifying areas to be cleaned at each service appointment.
  • MSDS sheets for all cleaning products used in your facility.
  • Pricing Information.