Ceramic Tile & Stone

Looking for earth-friendly, durable and easily maintained flooring options? Look no further than ceramic tile and stone flooring. Allegheny Contract's union labor force excels in all facets of hard-surface installation including ceramic, porcelain, glass, quarry and stone tile. In addition, we specialize in mud set substrates, interior waterproof membranes and stone countertops.

Allegheny brings more than 50 years of tile experience to your next project. Our experience spans everything from work on educational, pharmaceutical, hospitality and institutional projects, to corporate facilities, sports venues and medical buildings. Allegheny’s tile experts have completed certification training by the industry’s major manufacturers, ensuring that customers get the most skilled team on their projects.

Working hand in hand with Allegheny's Design Consultation and Floor Preparation departments, we simplify your project through a coordinated, one-stop solution to the versatile demands of today's commercial buildings.

Which Hard-Surface Product is Best for Your Project?

  • CERAMIC TILES: Ceramic tiles are typically made of kiln-fired clay and glazed for durability making them an excellent choice for most interior vertical applications such as backsplashes and tub/shower surrounds.
  • QUARRY TILES: Quarry tiles are also typically made of kiln-fired clay and unglazed for maximum slip resistance along with a high compressive strength suitable for most industrial installations along with freezing and non-freezing climates such as commercial kitchens, coolers and exterior walk-ways.
  • PORCELAIN TILES: Porcelain tiles are clay based products with mineral additives fired at an extremely high temperature to a hard density finish with an array of finishes and colors that are highly wear resistance, making them suitable for just about any application such as lobbies, bathrooms and exterior applications.
  • LARGE FORMAT PORCELAIN TILE PANELS: Large format porcelain tile panels offer the same characteristics as smaller porcelain tiles while minimizing grout joints. They also deliver the look of natural stone slabs with the consistency of color and veining to book match most any job and are suitable for just about any application such as lobbies, bathrooms and exterior cladding.
  • GLASS TILES: Glass tiles are popular in contemporary designs and come in a multitude of sizes, shapes and finishes providing unlimited creative design options. These are best to be used only on interior vertical surfaces such as backsplashes and tub/shower surrounds.
  • NATURAL STONE: The beautiful, unique patterns and veining found in natural stone are hard to duplicate. This is the go to material for those seeking a rich distinctive look for applications such as lobbies, bathrooms and countertops.  Natural stone is a very porous material for most selections and will require a bit more care and protection, such as sealing the pores with an impregnating sealer, in which porcelain and ceramic tile do not require.

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