What is Laticrete Supercap?

It's a revolutionary self-leveling system that saves you time, money and ensures a floor surface as flat as you can get.

The SUPERCAP System is a time-saving, cost-effective method for finishing new concrete or capping existing slabs. This proven tool provides benefits from the start of concrete placement in Division 3. The system combines an LEED-contributing, GREENGUARD-certified, low-alkali, self-leveling technology (SUPERCAP) with a computer-controlled mobile blending unit (“The Pump Truck”). Using this system, Intertech can cut weeks out of your construction schedule, saving significant costs.

Nothing matches LATICRETE SUPERCAP’s ability to deliver perfectly flat floors faster, safer, cleaner, and with less environmental impact. Allegheny Contract is the exclusive provider of this revolutionary floor-leveling system in New England.

How SUPERCAP self-leveling concrete systems work

Deflection is an all-too-common problem on slabs. Correcting uneven slabs requires all trades to compensate, slowing the work and costing the building owner valuable project time and money. SUPERCAP changes that, with a time-saving, cost-effective method for finishing new concrete or capping existing slabs. With its fast delivery system, an entire floor can be capped in hours instead of days - and trades can be back to work on that floor within hours instead of days.That keeps your job moving.

The SUPERCAP Difference... Fast. Flat. Clean

  • Time savings: pour 30,000 lbs per hour of self-leveling SUPERCAP.
  • No silica dust: Since SUPERCAP IS mixed at the truck, not on the floor.
  • No clean up: No palettes, no forklift, no bags or dust ever enter the building.
  • Quick drying: The floor is walkable within two hours, and trades can get back on the floor within 24 hours.
  • Improved worker safety: No need for installers to lift and carry 50 lb. bags of concrete.
  • Less impact to jobsite equipment: No need to schedule and tie up elevators. Everything is mixed at the street, in the SUPERCAP truck.
  • Work on multiple areas: SUPERCAP can pour two contiguous half- floors at a time, so trades can continue to work on half the floor longer.
  • LEED points: SUPERCAP is Greenguard Gold Certified.
  • High early compressive strength and dimensionally stable with low shrinkage.

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