Wood Flooring

Wood flooring is strong, warm, inviting – not to mention, easy to clean, environmentally friendly and long lasting. It’s no wonder that wood floors are a popular choice for healthcare spaces, education settings, multifamily projects and corporate buildings.

Things to Know about wood flooring.

  1. Performance variety: The types of wood flooring are almost endless so it is critical to understand the intended use of the space to choose the right product. The look of wood floors varies with its grade, from prime or select to rustic. Our wood flooring experts have more than four decades of experience in evaluating grades and recommending the right floor for your needs.
  2. Wood colors vary greatly. Our wood flooring team can help you understand how to leverage color variations and also will guide you on the best products for staining wood.
  3. Wood flooring is not suitable for wet areas or high traffic areas. Ask our team for recommendations on better products for these situations.
  4. Unique benefits of engineered wood. Don’t rule out engineered wood when considering wood options. Engineered wood is not substandard to solid wood! In fact, it is a superior product that brings dimensional stability plus the ability to glue down to the subfloor.
  5. Maintenance of wood can be a concern, but with the right maintenance, it is very durable. Dollar cost averaging on wood flooring versus carpet is much better because it can be refinished and rejuvenated, and can last 100 years or more. Allegheny Contract offers floor refinishing services.
  6. But perhaps the greatest benefit of wood flooring is the environmental benefit. Wood is a renewable resource, and manufacturing wood floors uses minimal energy and generates minimal pollution. By manufacturing and using wood flooring, foresters are able to replant and perpetuate the forests.