Furniture Lift Services

Lifting furniture to install flooring in occupied spaces can be a costly logistical and time-consuming headache. Not so for Allegheny Contract.

Our proprietary lift system, Relay Lift Systems, speeds flooring renovations by days, if not weeks. Your employees simply pack their personal items in boxes we provide, leave the office one night, and return the next morning to fresh new flooring with every piece of furniture exactly as they left it.

Developed by national flooring cooperative Starnet Flooring for exclusive use by members like us, Relay Lift Systems’ original purpose was for lifting library stacks and retail gondolas, without needing to dismantle or empty shelves. As modular office furnishings have become a popular choice, however, our Relay Lift Systems has become the go-to choice for lifting modular components without the need to dismantle and reassemble them.

Allegheny’s lift system is particularly well-suited for occupied spaces with 24/7 operations, like call centers. Where relocation or excess downtime is not an option.

You benefit through faster and less disruptive installation, with little impact on employee productivity and no damage to merchandise or furniture.

Do you have a few tons of furniture in the way of your next flooring renovation? ...we can help with that!

Benefits of Furniture Lift Carpet Replacement
  • No dismantling of modular furniture or library shelves
  • No need to disconnect and reconnect power and communications cabling
  • No extra storage required
  • No need to relocate employees
  • No loss of productivity or excess downtime, your flooring renovation can be completed at night or over weekends
  • No miscommunication with multiple contractors – single source project co-ordination
  • Efficient carpet replacement of occupied space is possible using the Relay Lift System, combined with modular carpet tile.