Budgeting & Specification Service

Allegheny Contract takes the guesswork and hassle out of budgeting and specifying flooring for your project with our complimentary consultation services. Our specification experts have one goal in mind: helping you get the best product and value for your budget and your vision.

Our process starts by listening to you first, to truly understand your project with an unbiased perspective. Then we put our extensive product knowledge to work to recommend the right products for the right situation at the right price point that will meet schedules and perform the best for the environment. Unlike manufacturer sales teams, we have no vested interest in any one product or company. As seasoned flooring professionals, we have the experience to do on-target job take-offs and specs with virtually no costly excess orders. And unlike buying online, you get the value of working with an expert to make a decision based on much more than color or design but what will perform the best, meet your budget and be installed in a timely manner.

4 Reasons To Rely on Allegheny’s Budgeting and Specification Experts

  1. One-Stop Shopping. No need to spend valuable time researching and pricing the endless array of vendors and products. We do that for you - at no additional charge.
  2. Unbiased Recommendations. Our specification experts are focused on only one thing - finding you the best products at the best price for your specific project needs. We work with every major manufacturer and product, so you aren’t pigeon-holed into one vendor.
  3. Real-World Feedback. The experience we bring from other projects is invaluable - we have real-world experience on how products performed and can help you value engineer your project to get the look and performance you want within the budget you have.
  4. Extended Warranties! We offer an extended warranty on any specification we write - an offer you won’t find anywhere else.

Lauren Burke

Lauren Burke

Architect & Design Specialist

Direct: 781.497.2831
Cell: 203.722.5638

Our specification experts have one goal in mind:
helping you get the best product and value for your budget and your vision.

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