Post Neocon 2017 – Vintage Garden Party Success!

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Firstly, I want to thank all of our Industry Partners who participated in this year's event for helping make it such a huge success-without a doubt, best yet! Secondly, I want to thank all of our Industry Guests for attending the show and giving Post Neocon such a lively atmosphere. Finally, I want to congratulate the following winners of the evening:

RAFFLE: ($250 Gift Card)
1) Meghan Burke-MDS
2) Shannon Ponce-MPA
3) Nathalie Botbol-MDS

1) $250 Cash: Brian Potter-Gensler
2) Gift Basket: Paul Lewindowski-Lavallee Brensinger, ME
3) Gift Basket: Louis Carter-McMahon Architects

1) $250 Cash: Phyllis Stibler-Stibler Assoc.
2) Gift Basket: Emily Bulkeley-Elkus Manfredi
3) Gift Basket: Colleen Higgins-Gensler

Tie Between J+J Flooring & Sharp Creative

Murphy & Associates

Also, I wanted to share some excerpts from a wonderfully written Blog Post from Jamie Gilmore at Sharp Creative. His words beautifully describe the event and give a vendor's perspective on the evening:

Boston Post Neocon / July 2017

Allegheny Contract was an extraordinary host for this year’s Post Neocon event. Having been a competitor of Allegheny Contract, this annual event was always a “mystical happening” somewhere in the midst of our efforts to press on with the typical daily demands of our industry. Of course, my previous company did a great job at building A&D relationships by implementing other market-driven ideas but never did I fully understand the magnitude and impact that the Post Neocon Boston event has with our regional A&D community.

I am told that this was the 19th year of the event but for Sharp Creative, it was our first. We approached this event with great anticipation and fortunately, my partner, Russell Sharp, had previous experience with the show by representing ceramic products for his prior employers. For our organization though, it was important to create a space worthy of our firm’s product lines as well as create a space that was inviting and easy to move through for the vast number of A&D guests attending the event.

“It is the supreme art of the teacher to awaken joy in creative expression and knowledge.”
Albert Einstein

We were actually able to secure two separate locations as part of a plan to offer maximum exposure to guests during the event. The first floor tent space presented the premium product lines we represent as a fully complemented display with three demonstration/conversation podiums featuring Carter fine wool rugs, Totally Carpets and American Biltrite premium rubber and LVT flooring. The second space was a large conference-style room on the third floor which was dedicated to the American Biltrite product lines where more technical and informational discussions could be conducted. All in all, the displays were well received with nearly non-stop activity throughout the evening.

The theme of the event was that of a traditional garden party; booths were bedecked with flowers, palms, trees, and ivy all in varieties of baskets, pots, planters and trellises interspersed throughout the product displays. This theme set a living tone for the evening discussions about products, trends, and color schemes. Additionally, the garden party atmosphere allowed for simply catching up with old friends and acquaintances on a memorable summer night.

The evening passed quickly with lively music and passed hors d’oeuvres. I know this feature was a hit with everyone and I can’t forget to mention the awesome candy station for those of us who couldn’t leave their booth for long! There must have been as many as twelve hundred presenters and guests in attendance. I think it’s fair to say that for those of us who attended Neocon in the Windy City in June, that this venue won hands down for ease of attendance and timely, efficient presentation of information from the top product suppliers. The personal company of our local, close knit design community also made the event warmer and more familiar. Sharp Creative took a prize for best booth of the show along with J&J and we are already planning for next year. For me, the mystery has been unveiled and I’ve learned that the value of this show for everyone in Boston is indispensable. It must be finally noted here that Lauren Burke of Allegheny noticeably put her heart and soul into making the event a wonderful experience for everyone, for which I am grateful.

— Jamie Gilmore, Sharp Creative, July 2017